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Crowd in the Stadium

Consistent Consumer Engagement 

Optimize consumer experience through location technology. A well-established proximity marketing solution will maximize consumer engagement offering real-time deals without missing a beat. Brands will gain access to their local community’s key consumer metrics and buyer trends to determine the most cost-effective engagement strategies.


GEORA helps businesses bridge the gap with their valued customers through a stylish and intuitive mobile app design that keeps users engaged with optimized marketing.


User-Friendly Interface

The GEORA mobile app features a sleek and polished interface, making it fuss-free for customers to discover and access your latest promotions. GEORA’s beacon technology is compatible with any smart device equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.


One-stop Communication Hub

GEORA’s mobile platform serves as a passive customer retention tool for businesses as end-users instantly receive the latest updates while they are within a preset boundary. The automated process reduces the chances of missed opportunities by providing a “mobile buddy” that offers all the discounts and news in real-time.


Relevant Information

The application provides customized distribution capabilities. Users will send the most relevant information to its intended recipient every time. Businesses can sort their leads and customer pool according to age, name, and purchase history to customize a marketing strategy that drives improved ROI.