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Why We use
 Beacon Technology

Better all-around Solution

Why do we use Beacons?
Simple, Yet Sophisticated

ACCURATE AND PRECISE. Beacons are more precise than GPS and geo-fence software, providing location accuracy down to a few meters instead of several hundred feet.


COST EFFECTIVE. Beacons are cheaper than GPS or geo-fencing solutions because they don’t require additional infrastructure or specialized hardware like satellite dishes.


EASY TO ONBOARD. Beacons are easy to deploy and manage; they don’t require any complicated setup processes and can usually just be plugged in and left alone to do their job without needing any further maintenance after that initial installation step.


EASY TO MANAGE. Beacon networks offer scalability advantages over traditional GPS solutions since additional sensors can easily be added as needed without having to worry about compatibility issues with existing hardware or software platforms used by the company

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