Install Your Beacons

  1. Login to your account at and create a campaign. Make sure to assign the campaign to the beacon that you are installing

  2. Your beacon will arrive already on. To ensure that your beacon was not damaged in transit, gently shake your beacon and look for the light to blink a few times

  3. Decide on a location to place your beacon. We recommend placing it right inside of your main entrance. Depending on how you will use your beacon, you should consider other high traffic areas of your building such as near an elevator bay, a staff lounge, or a meeting room. Your beacon signal will be blocked by obstacles so make sure to keep these material types in mind:

  4. Low Interference Potential: wood, synthetic materials, and glass

  5. Medium Interference Potential: plaster, concrete, and bulletproof glass

  6. Very High Interference Potential: metal, water

  7. Test your preferred placement spot by using a small piece of tape to secure the beacon. Since your beacon range is set to 5 meters, move more than 5 meters away from the beacon and open the GEORA app. As you move into range, the campaign should appear. If it does not appear, test an alternative site for the beacon

  8. Once you are happy with the beacon site, secure it to the wall (blinking light at the top), by removing the backing and holding it to the wall for at least 45 seconds

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