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Revolutionizing Proximity Marketing - Connecting Businesses, Engaging Customers, Unlocking Growth

Who We Are

GEORA is an innovative proximity marketing platform that empowers physical businesses to connect with audiences like never before. We provide a comprehensive solution - mobile app, online dashboard, and real-time analytics - to optimize marketing strategies and drive growth.

What We Do

We equip businesses with tools to create, manage, and monitor proximity marketing campaigns across industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Experience the transformative impact of proximity marketing with GEORA. Unlock your business potential and join our journey towards revolutionizing proximity marketing.

What Makes Us Different

Our all-in-one platform bridges the gap between physical and digital businesses, enabling personalized engagement, revenue generation, and competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes.

Our Team

At GEORA, our team consists of passionate and dedicated professionals committed to delivering innovative solutions that revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audiences. Together, we strive to bring the power of proximity marketing to every industry and help businesses unlock their true potential.





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